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Version 6: known crashes/bugs and upcoming updates

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Known issues in version 6 will be listed here and as replies to this thread. Please comment below regarding any new or ongoing bugs in v6. Examples can be issues with editing, navigating the app, stability (e.g. crashes, freezing, slowdown, latency), and any other regressions from v5. Also provide (a) your iOS version, (b) SP version, and (c) any steps leading up to the bug/crash, if possibleWe will then do our best to provide a workaround and fix the bug (as top priority) in the following update.


-  There is a major crash in 6.0.10 that occurs when going into Select mode and selecting a note via Input Cursor. Fixed for 6.0.11 (upcoming).

Common issues in 6.0.9 and earlier 

- Playback: fixes stuck/held notes issue, which occurred during and after playback (reference). Fixed for 6.0.10 (upcoming).


Bug fixes arriving after 6.0.10

- AudioBus compatibility with iOS 14 for multi-track MIDI-out (for the time being, CoreMIDI out is recommended instead)


In the initial release of v6 (6.0.7, January 1), a large number of crashes will be fixed in the next update that is on the way:

Common crashes in 6.0.7

- Editing tempo changes in Q
uick Start (new project) menu and Playback Options menu (see below for workaround)**
- Adding instruments in the Quick Start (new project) menu (see below for workaround)**
- During record, playback, and editing text

Other major bugs (6.0.7)

- Tablature ledger lines written across frets numbers make them unreadable
- Occasional freezing
- Difficulty showing cut/copy/paste (Region Selection Area). Longer press may be necessary than before
- Slur endpoint locations/layouts are lost when changing visible parts, changing Score View Mode, and sometimes when printing


**To work around these two crashes, please follow the instructions here until 6.0.9 is released.
For editing metronome marks, we recommend tapping the marking directly within the score (in Select mode), then choosing the Edit menu item.
To edit tempo changes/metronome marks properly, the following illustrates the instructions quoted above of (a) first selecting the metronome marking (red) and (b) choosing the appropriate menu item (green):

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