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Playback problems

I’m working on some scores for wind band. When I listen back to the score, often a drone-type sound appears. It’s as though previous long notes continue to play through even though there’s nothing in the score. It’s different every time I play back and also comes through at random when transferring the file to mp4 or midi. These long sounds only stop when I close symphony pro. They continue when the stop button is pressed. I’m working on a new iPad Pro. 
Any ideas why this is happening?


  • @jennysteele
    Sorry to hear about the issue. This is a bug we'll need to fix as top priority. We'd appreciate a copy of the SP project sent to our support email if possible. Optionally, in your message, we would appreciate knowing which bar number(s) (when starting playback) are demonstrating the issue (even if it occurs inconsistently).
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