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6.2.2 ain't got that swing

I just upgraded to 6.2.2 and my "medium eighth-note" swing went away.  I had managed to have it starting about 6 measures into my piece, after playing the first few measures straight, but now I can't get it anywhere.  I can send the score and more info if necessary.  
Terrific app otherwise.


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    edited April 2021
    Sorry to hear that, though we're glad you let us know about the issue. We'd certainly appreciate a copy of the score sent to support@symphonypro.net.

    Starting 6.2.2, it's also important to note that Swing playback indications can now be specified for each individual track/part. Furthermore, to customize an indication, instead of the Master Track Menu, the expected way to do this is by first selecting the indication in the score, then choosing "Playback", as shown below:

    You should then see the second customize menu:


    If you tried this already, please let us know. These changes leave open the possibility of lots of new bugs, though we will eventually make this functionality better than it was initially. 
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    Just sent the score.
    I did use the Playback menu, and saw the menu as shown in your picture.  When I try to click on "Apply Swing Playback", nothing obvious happens.  Should there be some sort of response at that point?  Anyway, I can get the indicator on the score to switch from "straight" to "medium swing", but when I play it, it's actually straight.
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    Hmmm.  Just for yucks, I tried light (eighth note) swing and heavy swing as well.  Light also didn't do anything, but Heavy did something weird, like "anti-swing" for the first half of the measure then straight for the second half. 
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    Appreciate the follow-up. The playback engine clearly needs improvement, and we'll try to have it working in the next 1-2 updates.
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