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I am a collegiate music student who works a lot with transcribing and composing music. My Uni has us using iPads and Apple Pencils instead of paper and pencil for these assignments. I purchased Symphony Pro thinking it would be easier than using the annotation function on a pdf of staff paper; however, the app ended up being more frustrating. Normally I wouldn’t ask for a refund, but is it possible? 


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    Sorry to hear that. We'd like to know more about what was difficult or unintuitive. If you choose to provide such feedback (specifically via email, to support@symphonypro.net), we'll be happy to send a promo code so you can download the app again for free sometime in the future.

    As for obtaining a refund, your situation more than qualifies to be eligible for receiving one since (on our side) refunds are approved unconditionally. Precise instructions are available below for how to obtain one:
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