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New purchase of symphony pro

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I purchased a new version of symphony pro, unfortunately I did not receive a copy.


  • My iPad prompted me to plug in to my computer. As soon as I did it made me sync with my computer, and after it completed these processes. I then went to find my ap, unfortunately no symphony pro was to be found.
  • On your iPad, go to the app store. Tap the "purchased" button. That will show you if SymphonyPro was correctly purchased. If so, you should be able to reinstall it.
  • I just bought Symphony Pro.  It downloaded onto my iPad 3. When I turn it on a song "Blue Skies Boogie" by Ben Crosland comes up.  I am unable to get it off the screen.  I looked at tutorials on Youtube - I cannot seem to get the first screen with the keyboard and the icons to come up.  I followed the instructions above - App store and tap on purchased icon - it shows it has installed.  
    What can I do to start using this program?

  • Are you viewing in portrait mode? Turn your iPad to landscape, and you should be OK.
  • I am having the same trouble as rooy (September 9 ) I turn to landscape, nothing it just will not leave the blue skies boogie page. Alan.
  • No answers to my September 11 question! Never mind. I have a second question, if I can't get my copy of symphony working, how does one get one,s money back?
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    I was having trouble interpreting your questions. Are you able to tap on the folder or page icons at the top left to open a song or create a new one? 

    If not, the app is frozen for any number of reasons. This means that you should restart the app completely by returning to the Home Screen, double-tapping on the Home Screen button, and removing Symphony Pro from the multitask bar. To do this, press and hold on the icon.

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