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I use this app almost every day as I learn to play the piano. It is well worth the money.

The following enhancements would be wonderful:
* allow the user to control the number of lines on a screen by changing the space between lines and between the clefs.
* allow notes in a chord to have different durations without having to add a different track
* allow crescendos and decrescendos to span multiple measures
* make it easier to change the tempo--for example, touching and holding the plus or minus buttons would change the tempo as long as the button was held
* as I learn a piece, I change the both the loop playback and the tempo. It would be handy to have them on the same menu page
* I'm starting to have a lot of files. Folders would be nice to organize them.
* allow fingering numbers
* scroll the music a little earlier--perhaps keeping a whole line ahead.
* add "save as" to allow different versions of a piece


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    Thanks for your suggestions,

    You can add notes of different lengths on top of each other by putting them on different voices. Simply tap the 'V1' button on the bottom of the main note menu so it says 'V2'. Then add the other note on top. See 'Tracks and Voices' in the manual for info on managing voices and stem directions.

    The best way to Save As... right now is to simply rename your piece in the Score menu. From then on, the file will save under the new name, and the file under the old name will contain your old duplicate. We're working on a new open menu which will make this process a lot more intuitive. This will also take care of organizing projects in folders.

    You can add fingerings by adding a chord symbol to a note, but instead of typing a chord symbol, just type a sequence of numbers (e.g. 135). They will be layed out vertically. More info under 'Dynamics and Articulations' in the manual.

    I'm in the process of working on expandable crescendos and decrescendos now. You can expect them in version 2.4.

    We plan to have a horizontal scrolling mode where it's just like an infinitely wide piece of paper. This should solve the autoscrolling issue.
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    To add to the above response:

    We might be able to clear up some space in the top menu bar. After that, we can add a button that pops over a more handy menu to control playback, such as tempo and looping parameters.

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    Hello, and congratulations. Very good list of funcionalities that the app lacks and would make it really better for piano players. The solution to chord notes of different lenghts seems ok, but I've already tried fingerings with the chord symbol, and it only works with treble cleff. To put finger numbers in bass cleff, you have to use the text tool, which is pretty bad, because you don't have a connection of the number with the note, what is unstable and generates losses to import, export, edit, etc. This is incomplete. To see a good solution for fingerings, take a look in Musescore's. Simple and easy to use. Because of this, my option to copy my piano sheet music is MScore. I think Spro could at least maintain the finger numbers when importing XML from MScore. It would turn it more useful for the moment, while it doesn't have a good fingering solution. For a pianist, it's a fundamental thing to choose the better fingerings when starting a new piece and have a tool to register it. When you take it after a long time, having the fingerings written and not to need to force memories or make the choices in the moment, makes a big difference. Regards. Elio.




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