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Composite Meter?

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Hi there, I'm new to Symphony Pro, so apologies in advance for the newbie question ... but I can't find the answers I need in the manual (let me know if I just missed something obvious). When setting the time signature for a project, there's a "composite meter" option, but I can't figure out what it does.

I'm trying to write out a composition that's either in 11/8 or 3/8+3/8+3/8+2/8 .... I can set a custom time signature to 11/4, or I can manually change every fourth measure to 2/8, but I'd much rather just set the meter in advance. I'm thinking that's the very time I'd need a composite meter, but maybe I'm misunderstanding the definition. In any case, that's what I need to do.

Is there a thing I can do here?

Thanks! I'm ready to learn.


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    Hi rocketlaura,

    Composite time signatures are not included in Symphony Pro yet, so for 11/8 time, the only option is to set a single time signature (not a series of multiple time signatures). 

    On the other hand, you probably selected the compound time signature option. This means that for applicable fractions (i.e. X/8), 3 eighth notes get 1 beat, instead of just 1. This effectively makes the song 3 times faster, but doesn't change the note value of the measures.

    Let me know if this helps, and thanks for your feedback.  We'll consider adding this feature in an update.

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    Thanks for the info, and the explanation of how compound meter works. I'm relieved I wasn't just missing something obvious. For my current project, I am leaving things at 11/8, which is working fine. If I want any subdivisions in the finished PDF, I can always tweak the printout.

    I'm finding it an enjoyable experience using your app, very stable and efficient to use, and a nice-looking UI.
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    One possible way for you to insert a composite time signature in a future version would be to use the custom time signature field and enter 2 or more fractions. Let us know what you think.

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    I'd like a composite time signature too. Also it'd be great if it could mix different base numbers, like 3/4 + 3/8.
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