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SP won’t load

Tried to launch SP to practice and I get the error message saying SP6 beta has expited. Also got dumped out of TestFlight saying there is nothing to test. Help, please.


  • same here
  • Same here as well.  I emailed the support address but no response yet.
  • Same here as well 
  • Any new? Neither answer email 
  • edited April 22
    Sorry about this and the long wait. We've taken an extended vacation while also taking that time off to plan for the future of SP. Of particular interest has been making sure that it stays reliable, including over the course of software updates (i.e. to iPadOS), and that a bigger team can lend us a helping hand to develop and improve upon new and existing features. 

    Above mentioned, please expect a beta update in the next few days. Thank you so much for your patience!
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