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When opening the file, the microtonal tones symbol disappears…???

I would like to ask if I use the microtonal tones symbol in my music score, after saving it, the microtonal tones symbol will always disappear when I turn it on again next time. What should I do?


  • @pierrot
    Sorry about the issue (and about the delay due to a long backlog of support requests currently).

    We would like to fix this issue right away, and would next appreciate a copy of the .sym file (SP project file). If it's possible to share it, please send it to [email protected] If you would only prefer to share an illustration, a screenshot of the notation that isn't saving properly, or a PDF file of the project, would still be immensely helpful.

  • When I receive an xml file with microtones, they all disappear when opening the file. 
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