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Dragging notes to alter pitch with Apple Pencil in SP App version 6.1.9

Hello there,
I have been enjoying SP on my iPad for a couple of years using my Apple Stylus.  It’s transformed my scoring and composition, I absolutely love it :-).
However in the latest SP update 6.1.9 the ability to edit the note pitch by dragging it appears to have been greatly reduced.  You can’t see what note it is on as you drag it and it doesn’t sound the notes as you drag it up or down in pitch.
I can’t see why this would be changed as it was a key feature, and I can’t find any switch or button to reset it.  The manual just indicates that this is how you edit it, but it’s now extremely hard to do.

Have I missed something?  Is there anything I can do?  I’m hoping it’s a glitch in the roll-out and it’ll be rolled back, or there’s an easy way to get it back but I’m so worried as I’ll be lost with it :-(

Can anyone help me?

Thanks so much and best wishes to all.


My technical Information:
Device: iPad8,5
iOS Version: 14.4.2
App Version: 6.1.9


  • edited April 3
    Very sorry about these major bugs in 6.1.9. The next revision (6.2) will reverse these issues. It's being more carefully tested than previous updates to make sure they're fully resolved, and that it properly starts implementing the improvements (but not drastic changes) we've been planning with regard to repositioning/modifying single and multi-note selections.
  • Hi - OK, many thanks, that sounds promising.  Please can you provide an indication of when 6.2 will be released? Best wishes, Matt
  • @MattBo
    Sorry about the wait! The first update (fixing an important freezing issue, as well as the sound) will be released by tomorrow. However, it will be followed by another update around the end of the week to make the editing response time as fast as it was before (as it currently might lag).
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