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Will SP do this with a chart? (Leas sheet with some notation)


Need a quick app that will allow me to make a chart (jazz, folk or pop) with an intro, chords and maybe the odd written figure here and there (horn line, bass line example etc). Currently I use an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil (2nd gen) and forScore with a manuscript template. But obviously I’d rather that it look more ‘pro’... and to be faster. 

Please please ... with sugar on top .. would someone please download the following one page chart and show me an example of what SP would like like on this chart or send me an approximate example?

This is a direct lift from a Blossom Dearie version of Just In Time. 

More: I love 1Chart too but need intros/outros and other horn/lead lines written in. Is SP the answer?


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    HI, just bumping this up. Haven't heard a peep from the company either. My subject should have read "Lead", not "leas". Can't find a way to edit that either. 

    All I need is something that works great as a lead sheet. Write an intro, a melody line maybe but more importantly, chords. Will Symphony Pro 6 do this? Does anyone else have challenges communicating with the company? Maybe that's a bad sign. 

    Anything you could provide would be appreciated. 
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    Apologies for not responding promptly given the recent preparations for the version 6 release. We responded a while back about capabilities similar to what you described/illustrated such as here and here. In particular, version 6 will allow you to write chords into bars without staff lines, as well as recognize chord symbols via Handwriting into any staff. It's a few weeks off, but you are welcome to download the early access release by emailing your receipt of SP along with a quick reference to this reply.
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    Thank you so much for your reply. I haven't purchased yet but will certainly consider this when version 6 comes out. 
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