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Symphony Pro 6

My Symphony Pro app will no longer open on my iPad (iOS 13.1.3). It was working this morning but now nothing happens when I open the icon. The current app on my ipad is version 6. I do not know when the current app was loaded. 


  • correction my version is 5.0
  • @BillyBob
    Some Version 6 features were released prematurely in 5.1.10. That build wasn't fully tested, but they will be available when v6 is ready in 1-2 weeks. At the moment you should see build 5.1.11 available as the official version on the App Store. We hope to hear that it's working again for you. If not we recommend restarting SP by removing it from the multitask bar and reopening. If it persists we'd appreciate your correspondence over email ([email protected]) with an urgent subject line.
  • SP on my ipad just updated automatically today.  Three problems so far: (1) Switching to a non-Concert instrument (tenor sax) did not transpose the chart melody nor chords, (2) 2nd ending will not take on last measure, and garbles entries for several measure prior if attempted, (3) ø chord symbol will not display after entry.  There may be more, but 1 & 2 above are enough to make the app unusable for me until fixed.
  • I previously removed SP 5.1.10 from the multitask bar. That didn’t fix it. I also followed the procedure for Reset Cache & Application Setting Data. Didn’t help.

    This morning I downloaded 5.1.11 and it now works. Thanks
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