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Problems with Export into .xml and MIDI

HI Team.

i think I have a problem with my version of SP... I have version 5.1.9

when Exporting a score with 2 parts - violin and piano, in .xml format, only the top line with the violin part is exported but the staff is No longer a violin but a piano, and the piano staves have disappeared...??

then, when I export that same score as a MIDI file, it looks Much better, but... that gives me another problem:  the chord symbols have disappeared...??

i write and copy music for about 50+ members of our club of harmonica players, specifically for Those members that don’t have SP, and yet these people need the Whole entire score to open up in their own software.
what can I do here, and can you help me please...?? 
Many Thanks,
Hilvert Scheper
Amateur musician on harmonicas, in a duet with a friend of mine.


  • Hi Hilvert

    XML export from SP fails when expression marks (piano, mezzoforte, regulators, etc) and text boxes are presents at the scores. Remove them and your XML file will be ok.
    Sorry for my english. 
    Manuel Gómez

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