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Suggestions/Comments for Symphony Pro 6 TestFlight

Symphony Pro 6 Comments: Currently doing a test flight of the new Symphony Pro 6! So far I'm really liking it. I have a few things that still not working/suggestions to make it better:

1) When I have a time signature change, I currently cannot tie a note over the bar line, so when I want to write a tie and a slur over the bar line, I can't. Right now, I'm just using a slur instead of a tie, but then I can't do both.

2) In MuseScore, there is a feature that allows you to edit individual aesthetics of the parts, as well as the score itself. When I convert my score into individual parts, there are still things that look weird, or a lonely bar on a new page by itself. I want the ability to edit what the parts look like, not just the score and hope that the parts look good when I'm done.

I haven't tried converting to a MIDI file or Audio File yet, but I'll test it out soon.


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    Thanks for the excellent feedback. Since SP6 is still in early access however, we will instead follow up with you over email to request further detail on some of these issues shortly.
  • Sounds good!  :)
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