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Symphony Pro 6 Comments: Currently doing a test flight of the new Symphony Pro 6! So far I'm really liking it. I have a few things that still not working/suggestions to make it better: 1) When I have a time signature change, I currently cannot tie a note over the bar line, so when I want to write a tie and a slur over the bar line, I can't. Right now, I'm just using a slur instead of a tie, but then I can't do both. 2) In MuseScore, there is a feature that allows you to edit individual aesthetics of the parts, as well as the score itself. When I convert my score into individual parts, there are still things that look weird, or a lonely bar on a new page by itself. I want the ability to edit what the parts look like, not just the score and hope that the parts look good when I'm done. I haven't tried converting to a MIDI file or Audio File yet, but I'll test it out soon.



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