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Bugs in Symphony Pro 5 on iPad Pro

Dear Symphony Pro Support,

So far, I’ve really liked using this app for writing music. However, I’ve found a few bugs that have also made it the most frustrating thing to operate. 

1) Once I have finished writing the score as I want it and convert it to individual parts, there are times where text from one part of the score (such as “Solo” or general instructions for one part) gets copied onto every part, when it was only supposed to be on one part. I then can’t edit the individual parts to change this, so I end up printing them out and using white out....
2) Also relating to when I convert score to individual parts: the music itself isn’t spaced out very well or sometimes has one measure on its own on a second page. There should be a way, like in Musescore, to be able to edit individual parts without having already converted them to PDFs. 
3) When I go to share my piece, there are many issues, specifically with converting to an audio file. I wanted to make a recording to send to a publisher, but when I converted it to an audio file, not all the parts were included in the recording—only one or two. It played fine before I converted, but there were parts missing when it came to being a separate audio file. I read that this had been a problem in the past but was fixed, however it was not fixed for me. I have symphony pro 5.0.

Could you please come out with an update that fixes these issues? I really want to continue using this app since I’ve already paid for it and love using it with my Apple Pencil. 

Thank you!


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    We've recognized and addressed the above issues for the version 6 update, including the PDF export glitches and audio artifacts/skipping. You are welcome to download the early access of this update after forwarding the receipt of your purchase to [email protected], and referring to this post in your message in order to receive the install link.  
  • Hello! Thank you for getting back to me. I bought the app back in 2017 and no longer have the receipt. It's in my purchase history in the app store, however. What should I do?
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    @leafetterman in this case, you’re more than welcome to email us with a screenshot of the purchase history showing SP and your name listed.
  • I just sent it yesterday!
  • Can I do the same?  I’m using an iPad Pro and I purchase the app recently. Are you going to update to a version 6 ? 
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    You're more than welcome to do so in that case.
  • I need too. Thank you
  • Support said:
    You're more than welcome to do so in that case.
    Where can I get the update?
  • @junxian92
    Version 6 is arriving soon. However, you're welcome to send an email, along with your receipt of SP that you should've received from iTunes, in order to receive a download code for the early access of the update.
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