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Mid-Staff Instrument change

Does this app support mid-staff instrument changes? I'm a percussionist, and a lot of percussion parts are written for more than one instrument (for instance, a bongo part could also have a part later on for congas, or a suspended cymbal swell may be added to a xylophone part). I have been trying to add percussion to my symphonic band pieces on Symphony Pro 5 and it is quite inconvenient to have to create separate lines even if I want one person playing a set of bongos; it can also be confusing for the player. Is there a solution for this? 

P.S., I love everything else about this app!


  • edited March 2018
    Changes to instrumentation as you described, while not available, is certainly in the picture, and we've now moved it higher among our list of priorities for the current roadmap! 

    A convenient workaround in your particular case, is to suggest templates for recurring instrument ensembles across newly created scores. Although the creation of a template can only capture the entire part arrangement, you can still add an arrangement to an existing score, under Instruments > + > Templates. Hope this may help somewhat!
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