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    Maddcow said:
    Is it possible to introduce a handwritten jazz font that can be swapped for the regular font?  Notion for iOS has this and it's nice to have the option on iOS after getting accustomed to this in the desktop versions of Finale/Sibelius etc.  
    Yes, jazz font and jazz clef symbols! 
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    Is there an update on when PDF input might be available, please?
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    Feature request:
    File backup with multiple verslons

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    Great job fixing the scrolling issue! A pre-roll /pre-count option in playback would be nice for practicing so we don't have to put in blank measures at the start.
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    Feature request:

    Adding a handwriting layer over the sheet that allows adding handwritten notes and scribbles to the document. Perhaps having a choice of 2 or 3 different pen colors (i.e. red, black, green) and a line width option would be nice as well.
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    Page- Breaks please..... the option of fitting a selected Part of the score onto One page. 
    At the moment, trying to fit a specific part of a score on One page is extremely hard work with a lot of trial and error.
    Amateur musician, harmonica enthusiast and volunteer with HarmonicaUK.
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    edited March 2021
    Page breaks are new in v6 and the respective option can be located as follows: 
    - Open the Measure Dialog on the bar at which you'd like a page break to begin
    - Choose Bars > Staff Layout
    The following Page Break option should then be available and can be checkmarked to apply or toggle off a page break layout guide. 

    However, and as always, please let us know if the feature isn't working as expected or can be improved.
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    Hi! I have started using this today and is incredibly useful! However, I have already come across some features i needed to use that, so far, couldn't find a way to do it. If there is a solution to any of the below that I missed, please let me know, otherwise, I would love to see them implemented on a future update! (all of these in regard to piano)

    -Cross-staff a group of notes
    Every time I try to select a group of notes to cross-staff, it only moves the first one of the group. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, because the manual does mention "noteS", plural. Otherwise, it is quite tedious to move the notes one by one if the passage we want to move is quite long.

    -Numbers on tuplets
    I tried to write a passage in which I wanted to have 10:6 tuplet of sixteenths in the first beat of a a 9/8 bar, however, the number that kept showing up on top was 5... My guess is that the program recognizes 10 sixteenths to be the same as 5 eights, and so 5:3 tuplet is simpler to understand. However, to have 10 sixteenths with a 5 on top is quite confusing and misleading in this case. It would be nice to be able to edit the displayed number.

    -Add/subtract staff mid score 
    I manage to find how to have 1 or 3+ staves for piano. However, I could not find a way to add or subtract staves for specific bars, which would be incredibly useful.

    -Tuplets in more than one voice act a bit strange
    I know that this is more a fixing request than a suggestion, but since I am here... It is a little bit difficult to explain what happens with words, but basically, when i try to write a tuplet of eighth notes in two voices at the same time in my 9/8 piece, the app... doesn't ahah. Does something else that I am not entirely sure of what it is.

    And that is about it. Please let me know if there is a current solution for any of these, and if not, well, the suggestions are made :)

    Thanks for your time!!
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    edited April 2021
    Thanks for your feedback. Regarding how to customize how the tuplet ratio is represented, there are instructions on that in this post.

    We will look into the above area of improvement next since we've also noticed the Custom Tuplets feature certainly isn't making intuitive edits to the fraction. However, let us know if you were (also) referring to the preset tuplet fractions that go from 2 up to 9 from the Tuplets Expandable Button, including those that are illustrated in red. As with any major bug, an example project (or illustration/description of the notation) sent to our email would be of great help.


    We plan to resolve these issues in the coming weeks, since we have a general idea of the difficulties you pointed out. At the very least, the Custom Tuplets feature will be rewritten without changing the workflow, and it should no longer involve a lot of steps to correct the mistakes by the program.
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    Ability to vary which instruments are visible for certain measures and/or for different sections.
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    I have a few suggestions:

    1. I would love to have the ability to renumber measures in a section. I use SPv6 to create exercises for my students and it would be nice to have “Ex. 1” mm 1-4/“Ex.2” mm 1-4, etc.

    2. Anyway to use Audio Units instead of just the built-in sounds?

    3. The ability to cut-away or hide unused staves and only show active ones within sections of a composition.

    Thanks for a great product!
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     Thanks for an amazing at such a low cost.
     One feature (variant) I'd find very useful is a dotted slur, which is how left-hand slurs are indicated in guitar sheet music, ideally with an option to add a roman numeral in the middle of the curve to specify the number of strings involved.
     Another thing would be a way of indicating when a Scordatura (or several) is required - handy for guitar and other stringed instruments.
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    I would like to uso so much the app for all mi composition. But I would like you improve some features at future, please.  

    -Guitar staff with tab clean ( with out silences, and expression marks ).
    - improve the armónica sound. 
    - incorporate artificial harmonics and improve the diamondhead on the tab. Example <12> Or <7> And not just diamondhead without number.
    - at the moment we have staff and tab guitar , we need listen the staff tradicional , no the tab (because it should be more simple). Now you can listen just the tab ... 

    -would be perfect have the principal carpet to save all on the iCloud Drive. Not on iPad . That is a necessary feature (for default)




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    Trash can! please!
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    edited March 2022
    I've found, and used, the Grupetto (Turn) symbol but not with an accidental above or below it. Neither have I been able to find an inverted Grupetto symbol. I've tried, and failed, to place the required accidentals as free text. Could these options, as for the Trill symbol, be added to an individual Grupetto symbol please?

    Thank you for creating Symphony Pro 6 and for considering my request.
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    In June 2012 Catrecek requested voltas, I've searched and searched and haven't found any other references to them. Just in case his request slipped through the net, may I remake the request for voltas please? Thanks for SP6, it is almost exactly what I was looking for.
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    Hello! I’ve been using your app for IPhone for a few years and figured that you would eventually add this without it being stated, but could you add “Mute” and “Open” to your expression tabs? Or is it already there and I’m just not seeing it?
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    edited September 2022
    Hello Developer Team,

    for accordion notation, especially accordion orchestra notation, we need a special set of symbols to define the from composer requested register, a player has to choose while performing.

    Attached please find a ZIP-Container which includes the necessary symbols as ttf-file to give you an impression how those Register symbols look like.

    It would be great if you have the possibility to add them either as a font or a special set of symbols.

    Best regards

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    Can you make it possible to write dotted notes in triplets? Or is there already a way that I am missing? I know that the two cancel each other out, so you can just take it out of the triplet, but that doesn’t look good in print. 
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    Can you make it so cue notes don’t play in playback?
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    It would be awesome to have Precount option for playback. Basically the same feature as MIDI Record Options > Recording COUNT-IN  but for playback.
    Thanks in advance
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