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    edited March 2019
    - Improved customizability of toolbars is arriving in 6.0, and your specific suggestions will be considered, though they will most likely be implemented in 6.1.
    - As for multi-bar rests, 6.0 will provide a preference to autocreate them, and hopefully this will suffice.
    - Customizability of (default) bar widths will also be considered. For now, remember that you can adjust the number of bars per line as instructed here.

    For further details about what to expect, please email support@symphonypro.net. We'd love to have your further elaboration about the degree of customizability you're looking for (including which of these features will suffice and what won't) included in your message as well. 
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    Is it possible to correct the note spacing of multi voices because the notes are overlapping each other and some piano music, for example, is a mess. Or better to give a possibility to drag notes horizontally.
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    Howdy! Can you guys incorporate "Big Note" notations, especially with the letter names in the notes for when I need to write something out for a beginning, young student?


    Love your program! The Apple Pencil feature is super well executed! Very easy to write stuff down :)
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    How do you force a reflow so that notes are justified in a measure? 
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    edited April 2019
    Sorry about the issue. Refinements to address issues like the one you've described have been first priority for the next major update. We'd like to verify and fix any unresolved note misalignments before its release, and the only way we can do that is through a copy of the affected project. This resource is best sent as an attachment of the affected sym file to suppport@symphonypro.net, along with a screen capture of where the bug is occurring (though optional).

    We'll consider the excellent suggestion, thank you.

    A current feature in v5 that would be most helpful here is to tap on a barline, then to choose Default Width menu item if the width was customized or if it's pending reflow. The second recommended feature is to open the Measure Dialog on the appropriate measure, then choose Bars > Staff Layout > Bars Per Line. This menu can force equal width bars or modify the number of bars per line. Since you're testing the early access, though, we'll email you shortly regarding potentially better options. 
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    I’d like to have all C clefs (C1 and C2 are missing) and F clefs (F3 is missing) as well as the possibility to easily put “ficta” accidentals (reduced side accidentals above the notes).
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    - mandolin tablature

    - switching instruments on same staff within a part, including accommodation for instrumental/different transitions (e.g. Tenor Sax/Clarinet/Flute; Flute/Piccolo. This is essential for theater, TV & movie scores, as well as many jazz groups 
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    @davidbrutti @LennyNY
    Thanks for sharing, your suggestions will be kept in consideration.

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    Important feature request: please add the ability to change defalut Display settings / Display-scale options and maybe add the ability to change Display-scale settings for all individual parts in multi instrument score.
    Now I have to change display score individually each by each and not all instrument at the same time.

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    edited September 2019
    Hago exportación a PDF y todas las palabras, título, autor, anotaciones, etc., salen dobles. 
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    I desperately want marching percussion instruments added. I exclusively use this app for that.
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    edited September 2019
    As a pianist and arranger one feature I have utilized countless times on other platforms is the “explode” function: putting the saxophone section all on one staff and then “exploding” all five notes to their separate relative saxophone staves.  The only other thing I really feel I’m missing is the ability to add “wings” to my repeat symbols.
    Aside from those two things I have to compliment the developers!  This program does more than I ever imagined an iOS platform notation program could ever do.  THANK YOU for your hard work, and consideration for your customers!
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    Can you Please add Page- Breaks,
    Just so that I can figure out what fits onto one page BEFORE I Export a score as a PDF?
    also some sort of command like “fit onto One Page” would come in very handy.

    Many Thanks for considering my suggestion.
    hilvert Scheper

    Amateur musician, harmonica enthusiast and volunteer with HarmonicaUK.
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    edited October 2019
    after the last update i have a problem trying to export to pdf with track titles Could you help Me ...... I attach the photo to you
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    I am having the same problems with titles of pdf files as ioannisshatzi. However I’m wondering if the problem is due to iPadOS update. Also, most of the text is missing from the black popup menu when I go to exit or save changes.
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    These issues are related to iOS 13. A compatibility update should be out in a few weeks. However, you and anyone else experiencing the issue may request the early access of the v6 update by emailing support@symphonypro.net with your receipt of SP. 
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    Support said:

    Synchronization and improved MIDI-out are in the works, thank you for the suggestions. However, support for AudioBus will be arriving before other Inter-App Audio platforms.
    Hello! How far is this from happening? I'm heavily considering getting an Ipad Pro and Symphony Pro is one of the main reasons for it. It would be great if I could link it with iSymphonic and listen to better quality playback in real time (instead of having to save&export when I want that).

    If this actually happens, would make my decision a lot easier! Thanks
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    I wonder why there is no longer support of MXL in IOS Pad 13 on iPad Pro.  All my scores written in Sibelius are saved in MXL to import them to symphony. But now this is not possible any longer 

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    jerome49 said:
    Midi out 

    Yes ... MIDI out please!!
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    I really miss a system template for male choir (TTBB)
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    I’m with @Maddcow on the handwritten jazz font request. This would steer me away from Sibelius. 
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    edited December 2019
    Thanks for the suggestion. Keep in mind that for now, if a template isn't available by default, you can create a custom one from an existing score that is open. Instructions are described here. It will then be available under Projects > Templates Menu.
    This is definitely an important feature that will be part of the 6.1 or 6.2 update and available for free like all other updates. 

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    I’d really love to see a tam-tam added into this app, because my works don’t feel complete without the gong sound. I also would like some other better percussion instruments, because the bass drum doesn’t feel right. I also request some cymbals, the orchestral ones, because none of the countless variations of them in this app are right. Contra instruments would also be nice.
    There is also an issue with the turns; they just don’t sound in playback. They are completely silent, and kind of a waste of space. I would also like a feature where you can control the note speed of the strokes, tremolos, and trills, because they aren’t consistent in different tempi, and it results in me having to manually write out the notes.
    For the meterless bars, is there an option to input certain notes, then, say, push a button to “end” the bar? That would be a lot more helpful.
    Is there a feature where you can have a glissando only on the white keys on the piano and have it across staves? If not, I’d like one. Anyways, thanks for reading. :smile:
    —tam-tam, new bass drum, new cymbals, contra instruments
    —fix turns
    —meterless bars issue
    —control speed of strokes, tremolos, trills
    —white key glissando for piano
    —gliss across staves

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    edited July 2020
    Two finger tap for Undo and three finger tap for Redo. I find it very intuitive in most apps

    Able to use handwriting mode to write chord symbols would be a nice bonus
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    Could you please add in-app purchases to family sharing?  I love the handwriting feature but I don’t want to have my partner buy it again when we share all our other purchased apps.  Thank you!
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    Since Symphony Pro is already a great program for practice, how about an option for more gradual vertical scrolling so you can always see some of the next page, like horizontal scroll. Thanks!
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    Nice-to-have features in version 6:

    - Show the played keys during play-back
    - piano-roll display as in Synthesia
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    1. I need more midi outs. More than one. I want to send one instrument to one midi channel, other one to second etc.
    2. I want to receive midi clock information from external app via midi, so I can start, stop, rewind.
    3. I need the option to turn on background playback. So I can export midi into some app synth and switch between it and symphony without stop.

    (Sure, ideally your app will be AuV3 inside some host, but this looks like a dream)
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    edited December 2020
    Hello @Support

    i d like to propose a intuitive feature for users like me with Apple Pencil 2 (using and iPad Pro).
    With AP2 you can tap your index finger on top of the pencil to switch between different functions. In Some Apps on iPad you can switch between drawing and erasing features for the pencil input.

    Im symphony pro I d like to toggle easily the handwriting mode by tapping on the AP2. That would speed up my workflow.

    Best regards  and merry Christmas holidays

    PS: if there is another way - that I have not found yet - of toggling handwriting mode without using the Interface button please let me know.

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    On the SATB template the dynamics should be placed above the stave not below. As it is now, the dynamics comes in conflict with the lyrics. 
    An even better solution would be to make it possible to choose placement in the score settings.
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