Feature Requests (Updated Thread)



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    - Improved customizability of toolbars is arriving in 6.0, and your specific suggestions will be considered, though they will most likely be implemented in 6.1.
    - As for multi-bar rests, 6.0 will provide a preference to autocreate them, and hopefully this will suffice.
    - Customizability of (default) bar widths will also be considered. For now, remember that you can adjust the number of bars per line as instructed here.

    For further details about what to expect, please email [email protected] We'd love to have your further elaboration about the degree of customizability you're looking for (including which of these features will suffice and what won't) included in your message as well. 
  • Is it possible to correct the note spacing of multi voices because the notes are overlapping each other and some piano music, for example, is a mess. Or better to give a possibility to drag notes horizontally.
  • Howdy! Can you guys incorporate "Big Note" notations, especially with the letter names in the notes for when I need to write something out for a beginning, young student?


    Love your program! The Apple Pencil feature is super well executed! Very easy to write stuff down :)
  • How do you force a reflow so that notes are justified in a measure? 
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    Sorry about the issue. Refinements to address issues like the one you've described have been first priority for the next major update. We'd like to verify and fix any unresolved note misalignments before its release, and the only way we can do that is through a copy of the affected project. This resource is best sent as an attachment of the affected sym file to [email protected], along with a screen capture of where the bug is occurring (though optional).

    We'll consider the excellent suggestion, thank you.

    A current feature in v5 that would be most helpful here is to tap on a barline, then to choose Default Width menu item if the width was customized or if it's pending reflow. The second recommended feature is to open the Measure Dialog on the appropriate measure, then choose Bars > Staff Layout > Bars Per Line. This menu can force equal width bars or modify the number of bars per line. Since you're testing the early access, though, we'll email you shortly regarding potentially better options. 
  • I’d like to have all C clefs (C1 and C2 are missing) and F clefs (F3 is missing) as well as the possibility to easily put “ficta” accidentals (reduced side accidentals above the notes).
  • - mandolin tablature

    - switching instruments on same staff within a part, including accommodation for instrumental/different transitions (e.g. Tenor Sax/Clarinet/Flute; Flute/Piccolo. This is essential for theater, TV & movie scores, as well as many jazz groups 
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    Thanks for sharing, your suggestions will be kept in consideration.

  • Important feature request: please add the ability to change defalut Display settings / Display-scale options and maybe add the ability to change Display-scale settings for all individual parts in multi instrument score.
    Now I have to change display score individually each by each and not all instrument at the same time.

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    Hago exportación a PDF y todas las palabras, título, autor, anotaciones, etc., salen dobles. 
  • I desperately want marching percussion instruments added. I exclusively use this app for that.
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