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We're looking for more beta testers to help us test out all of the new features that will be released in 2.0. If you're interested, send an email to [email protected] with your iPad's Device ID. Instructions on where to find this are available here under the section 'Sending Your Device ID to a Developer'. It is also quoted below.
To send your device ID to a developer for test-program registration:
  1. Launch iTunes.
  2. Connect your device to your computer.
  3. Select the device in the Devices list.
  4. In the Summary pane, click the Serial Number label. It changes to Identifier.
  5. Choose Edit > Copy.
  6. Email your device identifier to the developer.
  7. [/list:o]


  • Hello I have sent you email and you ignored me!
  • edited July 2011
    July the 13th or 20th?

    Never mind got the email. Can't wait to test !
  • Hi! I'm trying to install the beta using the instructions in the email....I seem to be having difficulty...I downloaded the .ipa file with no problem..then double clicked it...Itunes then says it already exists and asks if you want to REPLACE the existing one...I said YES...then attached IPAD to my PC, and attempted to SYNC....it SYNCS successfully, but Symphony Pro doesn't get updated to the new Beta version...any ideas?? do I need to maybe backup all my Symphony Pro songs to my PC, remove Symphony Pro from iPad, and then try and add the Beta to it?--or is this dangerous in terms of losing my Symphony Pro files?

    ...PS. I DO have "SYNC APPS" checked under my iPad syncing heading...

    Thanks!---EAGER to try the beta!!!
  • Hi Jazzman,

    Make sure you check "Sync Apps." In iTunes, under "Devices/<Your iPad>", click on the "Apps" tab at the top. Then check Sync Apps, as well as Symphony Pro in the list below. If either of these two aren't checked, it won't Sync.

    Also, double check that iTunes has successfully updated the Symphony Pro version. Under Library/Apps, right click on the Symphony Pro icon, and click "Get info." The version should say 1.9.1. If the version is the same as what was already on your iPad, iTunes won't sync.

  • hmmm.....tried all that...backed up my compositions, then deleted the app altogether from the ipad...confirmed in my Library/Apps that it's the 1.9.1...connected ipad...dragged the 1.9.1 from library apps over to the ipad...it installed...added back my tunes...when I run Symphony Pro now, under the "?" section headed "Symphony Manual" it still says 1.3.3....did you change the version number there or has it not been changed for the beta, and I may have the beta actually installed now? OR, maybe I still have the non-beta version somehow?!

  • One other thought: close the app completely (double click to get the bar on the bottom of the screen, scroll to the SP icon, hold it until it jiggles, and then choose the - to close). In fact, it might not hurt to close everything.

    Then turn the iPad on and off again (hold the top button until you swipe to turn off).

    Then sync your iPad. See if it installs.

    Apple doesn't like advice from developers that say, "After installation, stop all apps, and then turn the device on and off again." But sometimes that works.

    For the record, the Symphony Pro Help Manual still reads 1.3.3, even though the app is 1.9.X.

    The dead giveaway that you have 1.9.X installed is the Red record button in the main toolbar.
  • Overall this is a very good app, but at the moment, the beta version you've released is a bit too buggy to be ready to be released in the 2.0 version.
  • Hey Jacob, I'm just an end user, but that's the whole point of a Beta...is for "normal" users to find problems that need to get fixed before the big release. For example, OS X Lion had betas starting in Early June for developers, and it was just released Wednesday several weeks after the "gold standard" (meaning that Apple still had some things to fix).

    I'm grateful that the folks at Symphony Pro have offered the Beta, in the attempt to have the best (and only viable) music composition package for the iPad!

    Make sure you're reporting those "bugs" to them!
  • @Choirguy, haha yes I do realize that is what the beta is for, but the beta is very buggy, so I'm saying it will take a while to fix all of those bugs.

    I have a question about the crash log... When I open up my logs, I can't find one that says symphony pro, so I'm unsure about which one to send. Also I have sent quite a few bugs via email and they haven't replied any... I asked them a few questions but no responses.
  • Realize you're still testing, but any projection for actual release date of Version 2?
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