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“Link” two different tabs with scale?

The “QuickStart” templates include options for a tab line, or a linked scale + tab line.

Is there a way to link two different tabs with a scale?  

E.g. I’d like to have music with ukulele and guitar tabs of the same part.


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    Great question. The closest thing to this currently is creating a part group without combining the two tabs into a single part. This can be configured for a project via the following steps:
    1. Create a new project or open an existing one.
    2. For the two tablature parts, link them with a bracketed part group. These steps also apply to any number of (any) parts you want to group together:
    - In Select mode, long press on the staff to open the Region Selection area/rectangle. Then drag the bottom right corner to highlight both parts (as illustrated below).
    - From the menu items above the selection, choose Edit Part/Instrument Groups (highlighted below)

    - Choose either Create Brace Group or Create Bracketed Group
    - Important: In the confirmation dialog after the above step, asking whether to "combine into single part", choose No.

    We hope this is close enough to what you were looking for, but let us know otherwise, in which case further detail or illustrations via email ([email protected]) would work best.
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