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Can’t restore Handwriting upgrade on a new device

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I bought SP6 on my iPhone, expecting to use it on my iPad Pro, with Apple Pencil, without any problems. I’ve been trying to restore the purchase on the iPad, but nothing happens. I’m using the same Apple ID, so I should have no problems, according to the instructions to restore purchases. Anyone can help?


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    On either iPhone or iPad, you can restore the Handwriting upgrade, which includes annotations and chord symbol recognition, via the following steps after opening SP:

    1. Open an existing project or create a blank one.
    2. Tap+hold the Handwriting icon (highlighted).
    3. From the menu items that appear above it, tap the right arrow to toggle the next available options.
    4. Choose About Handwriting (highlighted).
    5. From the info panel that appears, tap Restore.. at the top right of the navigation bar.

    In the next update (6.0.9), we'll also make it so that on iPhone, you can find the Restore button more directly by opening Help > Handwriting Tool.. > Restore.  

    - All of these steps will work if you already purchased this IAP on iPad via the same AppleID (that you used to purchase the upgrade) as the one that you're signed into on a new device, including an iPhone or different iPad. One way to find this info is to locate the receipt that Apple emailed to you. 
    - Conversely, it won't work if you're signed into a different AppleID. However, we are making it so that in the next update (5.0.9), it will be possible for family sharing to restore this upgrade, like you can with the app itself.
    - If this bug still persists, the first thing to make sure of is a consistent Internet, encrypted connection and try again. You should next try restarting the device by powering it off (as issues with App Store authentication have been resolved). 

    If you need further help, please let us know below or via email ([email protected]).
  • I’ve been going through that process over and over and it only confirms that version 4 was successfully restored. 
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    Sorry to hear about that. In that case, please send a receipt or any other proof of purchase to [email protected], and we will be happy to take care of the issue via promo code. Anyone else who has already tried the above steps is welcome to do the same.

    It's important to again mention that we don't have access to your payment history nor any other account information, only Apple does. So sending us a full proof of purchase that verifies at least (a) your name (that matches the sender) and (b) the product name will be necessary to confirm with us whether you bought the app or upgrade already. You can and should remove any other details when sending the receipt.
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    I already sent an email and have had no response. I hope you can help me, or this will be the first time I pay for an app and get nothing. 

  • Hi, I have the same problem
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