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Da capo al fine

edited August 2014 in General
Does anyone know how add a da capo al fine please?


  • By switching to the Expressions toolbar (instructions), you will find the D.C. and al Fine symbols available to add to your score.
  • If the Fine measure is not the last measure in the score, how can I put the Fine sign in a specify measure? I cannot find this. Please help me. Thank you so much!
  • Did you solve how to put the Fine in a specific measure?
  • I only find the DC or DS options but not Fine
  • This will be available in the next update. But for the time being, you can substitute a text box instead: switch the score symbols category to Text, then highlight the capital A icon.
  • I can place DS al segno al fine with a segno and fine in place. Howerver they are ignored when I play back the score or or save it as an audio file. What am I doing wrong?
  • @Benob
    This isn't available in v5, but will be available in the v6 update.
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