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Some queries

I decided to upgrade from iPhone to Symphony Pro.  This has already been helpful.  The app is more stable.  However I still have a few issues.

1.  My title is still off the left hand side of page when exported as pdf.  I’ve not tried other formats.

2.  I cannot use underline effectively.  It does not stop at the next note or step but jumps a few steps.  This renders it useless at the moment for using in lyrics.

3.  Strangely when writing in lyrics the writing is white and scarcely can be seen.  It remains white until there is a move to the next notation when it turns black.  I can’t imagine this is by design.  Anyone know how I can change the font colour for typing in lyrics.  There does not seem to be a way of doing this.  The text boxes are black from the start.

4.  When I use a second voice rests appear as I am only using it for occasional notes.  However, despite ticking the hide rests and hide all boxes the rests continue to appear on exported pdfs.  They don’t 'fade' in the scrolling screen to indicate they are hidden.

Any help with these issues would be appreciated.



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