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Part extraction

Is there a way to extract parts from a score in order to print?


  • @rbindy The easiest way to export a subset of parts is to turn on the show/hide staff icons. This will hide the other parts before you export:
    • First open the Instruments menu from the Navigation Menu (at bottom right corner of the screen)
    • You should see a column of eye symbols next to the available parts (as highlighted in the example below). From here, just turn on the parts you want to selectively export

    Although this isn't the same as part extraction, it's definitely the easier option for what you're intending to do, and you can later deselect the eye symbol(s) to restore the arrangement you had previously.
  • Why do I lose my printer?
    wi-if connection is strong.

  • edited August 2018
    If you haven't attempted to do so already, it is most recommended to choose AirPrint as highlighted under Export Destinations, without further steps beforehand. This will provide a print preview, as well as access to available printers provided entirely through iOS' own user interfaces and functionality; this will be available under Select Printers > near the top of the resulting window

    If attempting the latter step still amounts to either a greyed-out option, or disconnection, please let us know if any other app happens to have the same issue, such as printing through iBooks or one of the built-in iOS apps. In that case (along with your iOS version), we will know that connectivity is problematic with SP, and not due to an Apple iOS or some other issue. 

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