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Dynamic score symbols and tempo use

 Hello, first off I want to thank symphony pro for such a   Great app I’ve tried other music scoring software is and this is the best so far. 
       My question is about dynamic score symbols and expression usage. When I try to add a  PPP  score symbol  to the trouble clef of the grand piano I noticed that it also affects the bass clef this is also true of the tempo  retardando  etc.   I was wondering if there’s a way to add these score symbols and expressions without affecting the bass clef or vice versa.  I understand this function is probably difficult especially regarding the tempo.  So if there’s not a way to achieve this, is there some kind of workaround?  If not for the tempo  then  maybe for score symbols? I suppose creating two separate piano instruments might work but this would  convoluted my score.


  • @ybroka
    A way to adjust the playback dynamic to individual components of a grand staff isn't possible yet, unlike what will be the case for octave modifier brackets, but we'll certainly keep this in consideration provided emphasis on flexibility.
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