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Handwriting tablature SP5 Apple Pencil

Hi there,

Really struggling to handwrite tablature in SP5 and looking for instructions.

For example, I was expecting the app to register when I write a 3 on a string line; but it’s more a case of tapping to get a 0 to appear then fiddling to change the fret number.

Sadly not what I’m looking for, it may just be because I’m new to this app though I can’t find anything in the instructions or forum about it.

Great if you could advise! 



  • Have reposted in the support forum.  Not sure how to delete...
  • @Brownilson
    Handwritten tablature support isn't quite available yet, and may or may not be an aspect of improvement this year. If you have other suggestions or questions regarding tablature, we'd love to hear from you again, as it's a critical improvement area in the bigger picture, including in regards to the manual and basic usability. 
  • Thanks for your response. I think handwriting is currently the main thing that would speed up input here! Will keep an eye out.
  • it is critical that users of the apple pencil are able to write a number on a string and have the program recognize it.  I purchased the program today thinking that it would work better but have been extremely frustrated with tablature on the program.
  • I am having a problem - I had Symphony Pro on my iPad Air 2 - used it a little but stayed with Score Cloud on my mac computer.  I just bought an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and my daughter-in-law who teaches with me has used Symphony Pro with her iPad Pro for a couple of years and encouraged me to start using it.

    So I have been at it on and off all day - I set up a layout to enter the staff notes to My Heart Goes On and have it add the tablature for soprano uke and the first several measures were great.  But now it enters a G when I tap a middle C on the app piano keyboard - or when I tap the actual location of the note on the staff sometimes it shows the correct string and fret but sometimes not.

    I think it is something off in the settings - I don't think these problems are the fault of the app but if anyone else has similiar issues and finds a solution please let me know.
  • @Ellie
    this was recently addressed for our major update this month, thanks to an example file submitted earlier. In light of the significant inconvenience, you are more than welcome to sign up to our preview releases below, which will be addressing these inconsistencies shortly:

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