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Drum Kit with Handwrite

Hey, I got a handwrite problem, it dosent Show „X“ When i Write drum Kit. Plz fix this bug, Its Reality hurt :neutral:


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    edited April 2018
    We're currently working on the extending capabilities here to provide notehead recognition. For the time being, the following are key tips for percussion/noteheads, regardless of stylus or Handwriting enabled. All of these touch-based features may not be apparent because they're yet to be included in a dedicated help chapter on drum notation.

    – If you want to change any given head on a "Drum Set" staff, you can first select the note and drag vertically to cycle through all of the mapped heads per line position.
    – Highlighting the blue indicator that sits at the very left of the part staff is a shortcut to open the Instrument Properties for any given instrument (as illustrated below with the Properties context item).
    If you select a percussion stave, these items also provide a shortcut to open the Customize Percussion window (highlighted red), which allows quick reference to which staff position/notehead correspond to which drum piece/sample. This is also important to note because these settings affect importing or exporting via XML/MIDI.

    – Also, the menu items that appear above a single note selection in a drum set staff will now provide an option (highlighted) to set a given notehead as default. This makes initial note placement easier because it will reduce having to transpose afterward to notate the intended head.

    – You can also take advantage of the On-Screen Piano in this context, which now reconfigures itself automatically if you place the cursor within a drum staff. Above each key will be a label of the sample name and staff position corresponding to the piano key, similar to a drum pad interface. However, it might currently be necessary to long-press a key on the piano, then choose "Show Staff Positions" in order to set this feature up properly.

    – Note: At the same time, rhythm notation will still be recognized by the Handwriting tool, despite the notehead editing steps outlined above
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