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Sound and recording completely broke in Symphony Pro

Hello, I am loving the new more realistic sounds for Symphony pro however they are killing my ability to use this app for two reasons.

1. When inputting notes without the pop-up keyboard I can only sometimes hear the note I placed. The volume varies or is silent at times. 

2. When using the red record button everything is terrible because the feedback from the instrument is so delayed and sporadic. I am no longer able to use that tool because it is a pain to use and rarely has accurate results anymore. I don't think it is a problem with the tool but rather the audio feedback from the keyboard throwing me off.

I am betting this is because the time the audio engine is giving for a note to be played is much shorter than the time the audio engine needs to actually do the attack on the notes sound. Seriously I would be happy if when using the keyboard or inputting notes without it it just had a synth sound that reacted quickly and had no variability.


  • @Cubby208
    Sorry about the issue. Are there particular instruments that are problematic, or is the delay noticeable for any sample? Also let us know if any Bluetooth devices are involved for audio or midi. 
  • I have yet to find an instrument that does not have this issue. Although if you dont have time to fix them all please fix the default piano as that is the most important to me. 

    This happens when no devices are connected. Mostly whenever i am placing a note with my finger. 

    Do you want a video of the issue in action? 
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