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Latest update unhides all tracks on close

Since the last update, when I save/close a score it automatically unhides all the tracks I have hidden. This is a big problem - I generally hide lots of backing tracks so that I only see the parts I'm playing such as keys and bass. Can this be fixed?


  • @Redwave We'd be happy to address this for you in the following update. This will most likely be in the form of a dialog box that alerts for backing tracks when closing a score, which will set an app-wide preference to turn off the auto-unhide behavior if you elect to do so. 
  • That would be great thanks as I rely a lot on hiding tracks. I'm not sure who would want the new auto-unhide behavior but you must have your reasons.
    BTW: I notice MuseScore provides an option to "hide empty staves" which would also be very helpful in generating more compact scores.
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