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I am new to Symphony, but it looks like a very handy app for composing and sharing music scores and lead sheets.

I am also blind and use VoiceOver to interact with my iPhone.

I read through some of the documentation (but certainly haven't internalized it yet!) and was wondering if anyone had some hints for getting started with the app when using VoiceOver.  I do have a Bluetooth keyboard and suspect that makes things a lot easier.

Anyway, any suggestions on getting started with this busy and multi-faceted interface and numerous functions and options would be appreciated.




  • Hi Pete,

    The underlying VO support of Symphony iPhone is identical to that of Symphony Pro. Meaning the fundamentals of navigation & editing, like QWERTY commands, VO interactions with the score, labeling, and general UI/ workflows will carry over between the two apps / devices. 

    Menu layouts are also largely the same, the only main difference being the layout of the Navigation Menu (Openable with Command+N). Just wanted to reiterate the above for future reference so others can be aware of the similarity as well. 

    I'm still considering your suggestion to omit unnecessary controls on the screen (when Qwerty is involved) as to reduce the clutter, but your more recent feedback is already being incorporated for v5.

    Thanks again,

    - Phil

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