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Multiple Verses in iPhone version

Is there a way for me to add multiple verses in the iPhone version of Symphony? It seems to only allow adding one line of lyrics.


  • We left out support for multiple verses only to simplify the interface, but suppose it would be of more benefit to allow it. A long needed update should be available soon.
  • I hope "soon" means, like, within a week! I'm extremely angry that feature was left out! I can't use the app at all without it!
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    PianoMan23 Sorry we didn't let you know about this. A version supporting this feature was released months ago in 4.4.4.

    To add multi-verse lyrics on Symphony iPhone, just return to the Lyrics tool itself, under Score Symbols > Text > L1 icon. If you then press+hold this (now) expandable button, you can then specify which line/verse the text cursor corresponds to.
  • I didn't mean lyrics. I meant layering notes, like how Moonlight Sonata was written. As an example, in the top staff I find triplets and half notes in the same measure, on top of each other. (I'm so mad that I can't upload a picture from my photos app to here! It would make explaining this much easier.) With the current version of Symphony for iPhone, I am unable to do that, and that's what renders the app useless for me. Add that feature ASAP!!! And that means NOW!!!
  • MuseScore is able to do that with 4 layers of notes, not that I've ever really needed more than 3 (in some rare cases). 2 would be just fine. That would enable me to do stuff like add a note with 2 stems pointing in opposite directions, or have an accompaniment and a melody in the same hand, and they don't have to be the same type of notes.

    I hope what I'm saying makes sense. It's a feature that I need with the complex stuff that I come up with.
  • Another song that requires this feature is Claire De Lune.
  • Okay, I just opened the app, and both those scores are in there as samples. How were the top lines created, note-wise? THAT'S what I can't figure out. We're they made with the iPad or the iPhone version. If I wanted to duplicate, the long way, (meaning note by note) either of those songs, would I be able to do it on the iPhone version. If so, how do I do it? If not, FIX IT!!
  • Okay, I think I figured it out. Let me double check.
  • Yep! I figured it out! Thank goodness!! Sorry about that.
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    Glad you did!

    To reiterate for others using Symphony iPhone:

    - You should see a voice function (labeled V1) at the lower right when in landscape mode. Portrait doesn't support this function.
    - Press the icon to toggle through the two available layers for the iPhone app, with V1 having the upward stems, and vice versa for V2. 
    - You can long-press the icon to open a menu for customizing various voice/layer preferences
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