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4 stringed diagrams choice instead of six stringed guitar chord diagram


Is it possible to have a four stringed chord diagram option for 4 string instruments? I managed to find the guitar chord option but I don't know how to adjust it.



  • Leroynz  This is indeed one of the many fundamental features when it comes to tablature, but the upcoming update for our sp5 prerelease will address this issue. Don't hesitate to sign up here, if you're remotely interested in a more accommodating app for tablature and guitar composing throughout. 
  • Relevant things to keep in consideration:  

    You should also join because we do need continuous insight (from practitioners) into the whole topic of improving guitar notation. That said, our goal isn't to make an all-encompassing set of tools that would make the interface overly complicated. Simplicity has been all the more important in terms of the UI, and more recently, taking advantage of the Apple Pencil to keep things that way despite offering= specific commands & gestures. 
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