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Can't export

For some reason, the system crashes when I export. I have the most recent update. Please advise.


  • Could you let us know your iPad model and iOS version? We'll make sure to have it fixed by the next update.
  • Model: ME997LL/A   IOS Vesion: 9.3.2  

  • version 9.3.2
  • @dondi Thanks for the info. Your issue may be one of several export bugs from 4.x that have been fixed for the next update. This includes a very general bug where the app freezes or returns to the Home Screen when attempting to export from the Score Window, which occurred in any export format and iOS 9 version. 

    On the other hand, let us know if your issues may've involved exporting to PDF specifically. Sending PDFs in High Quality takes up a lot of device memory currently, which can leave even your newer device prone to crashing. Choosing one of the other two quality levels as shown in the following dialog box would be strongly recommended in that case:

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