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Crash when importing an xml file

Hi everybody, I'm using symphony pro 4.0 on iPad and when I try to import an xml file the program instantly crashes. 
Can you give me some help? 


  • Hi sidanas,

    Normally, you should expect either of the following to occur in version 4.1, when importing an xml or midi file successfully:
    1. The application presents a dialog option asking whether you would like to open the SP project that was converted from the original format
    2. If you've used the import file menu, an SP document will automatically become available for opening within the Projects window
    If you don't see a project available for opening after relaunching the app, this means the import probably didn't work due to an unexpected xml formatting issue. In that case, we would like to have a copy of the xml document in order to prevent the crash form occurring in an immediate bug fix. (Note: you're able to do so via an attachment directly in a reply)

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