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Metronome during real-time recording????

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Title explains itself. Isnt there an option for this. I cant seem to get a metronome sound  while trying to record via midi keyboard or onscreen keyboard. The metronome option is enabled and I am able to hear it while playback. Is this a missing feature or I am the only one who needs a metronome to be able to record on time :(


  • Hi,

    We are going to issue an emergency fix that has the metronome issue included. The other issue is here:

  • Thx , looking forward to download the next update :)
  • Out of interest is it possible to turn off the metronome when recording?
  • We can add an option for that. Do you think it would be convenient?

  • I find the metronome slightly off putting when playing and would like to try without sometimes. Would probably mean more editing to do, but would like to try.
  • Are you an iPad 1 or iPad 2 user? 

    Updates to the iOS beyond our control have caused the app to slow dramatically. This is what is causing your metronome to have inconsistent timing.

    We hope that Apple have performance improvements in mind for iOS 6.
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    Count me in with that same issue.

    IPad 2 under iOS 5.0.1 (latest)

    And I also think it should be a good thing to have an easy acces button (like in the top menu bar) for the metronome On/Off, when recording but also with playback.
  • @Niclet

    That's a feature that you can expect to be in 2.4.
  • @dthpham

    Can't wait to try the new version. BTW, "Bravo" to your developer team. Your app rule!
  • OK, great work for fixing the metronome but how about the latency and lag which happens during recording and note grouping issue... I have an ipad 2 fully updated and have this studders and lags during recording with both midi controller and on screen keyboard...:(
  • Hi,

    Latency will be addressed after we take care of any 5.1 compatibility issues.

  • thx , it is great news because the software has no use for me with this kind of latency and lag... Real time recording and transcribing is the only reason I bought this app. I am looking forward to for the next update:)

  • Hi,

    This is a very important issue and will be fixed as we work on iOS 5.1 compatibility.

  • Hi uraz,

    There don't seem to be any new issues with iOS 5.1 and recording latency. Could you provide the following info to make sure I'm not overlooking anything?

    - Symphony Pro version
    - iOS version (I'm assuming 5.1)
    - How many tracks are playback back as you are recording?

    Sending or attaching a sample project you're working with would help immensely. 
  • The latency issue has been fixed for the next update
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