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go back to previous version?

edited August 2013 in General
Hi,  is it possible to download the older version of SP ? I really miss the great feature you had, the arrow keys to move notes around,  at the bottom left of the screen. It was much quicker to just select a note and move it with the arrow keys. THe new way takes too many steps  just move a note, For ex.
1. select note
2. deselect pencil tool  and select cursor,
3. if note is still blue, must deselect it by tapping note,then tap it again for the pop up window to show
4. sometimes the Edit pop up opens instead of the transpose window, must close that and select note again
5. if you wanted to see the notes of a chord, the transpose pop up is in the way , must close the pop up , oh yeah ,it's a D3, that was under the pop up
What was also great about the arrows was that it kept your hand out of the way of the screen.
 Well , I know its a long shot but if I can get the old version , that would be great .  Thanks .
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