Possible Features/Fixes

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Hey guys, I write a lot of individual parts for mostly brass instruments and I would love the ability to insert multi-measure rests (or select rests after I've inserted them and group them together with the mult-measure rest symbol with a number above it).

Also I know there's some problems with the playback whenever you press the stop button. The playback usually continues until the note that was playing finishes (this is a problem when you stop playback and you have several long notes tied together).

I think that the playback bar also needs to be worked on but you probably already knew that. The fact that it is laggy doen't bother me as much as the inaccuracy of the progress across a measure.

Great app so far and besides those export issues we've been discussing and a few bugs, this is definitely one of the best musician companion apps out there!


  • Oh, and also I think grace notes should be added to the list, as well as the ability to specify only certain measure numbers and not all of nothing.
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