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What's New in 2.0

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[h]This is the final changelog[/h]

Note: This is a free update for all current users of Symphony Pro

New features
[*]Improved instrument sounds[/*]
[*]Real time note entry[/*]
[*]MIDI keyboard support[/*]
[*]Smart chord symbol tool. Chords symbols will be automatically formatted, they will get transposed correctly, and you can even use it to add fingerings[/*]
[*]Lyric tool[/*]
[*]Scanned music sheet importer. Accepts all major image formats, including PNG, JPG, and PDF[/*]
[*]AirPrint. Easily print a page or the entire score from within the app[/*]
[*]AirPlay. Stream your music directly to compatible speakers, stereo systems, AV receivers, Apple TV, and other devices[/*]
[*]AirShare. Share your files over the air to others on the same local network. Files are accessible from any web browser. It's a good alternative to iTunes File Sharing since it doesn't require connecting your iPad to your computer to retrieve files. Great for use in a classroom setting. It's also a good way to share files to those around you who don't have an iPad or the app.[/*]
[*]Document recovery if there is a crash[/*]
[*]The built-in keyboard supports glissandos[/*]
[*]New option to hear a metronome during playback[/*]
[*]Tap with two fingers on a measure to open up the corresponding measure editor window (regardless of what menu you are in)[/*]
[*]Tap with three fingers to begin playback on a measure[/*]
[*]Customize the number of bars in each row[/*]
[*]Control the size of chord symbols and lyrics independently[/*]

[*]Tons of UI tweaks and stability fixes[/*]
[*]Import by URL no longer requires an "http://" prefix[/*]
[*]Importer now accepts files with a "midi" extension[/*]
[*]More crash fixes for the importer and exporter that occur during playback[/*]
[*]Fixed progress bars for import and export to the device[/*]
[*]Files are now backed up before import and export[/*]
[*]Popovers now disappears when in portrait mode[/*]
[*]Fixed some bugs with the app not recognizing files with valid filenames[/*]
[*]Fixed crashes that occur when trying to play certain notes on the drum kit[/*]
[*]Text tool auto-italicizes certain keywords like 'adagio' and 'pedal'[/*]
[*]Improved how certain items are drawn (repeats, staccato, tenuto, glissando, dotted rests, alternate endings)[/*]
[*]Smoother auto-zooming when you double tap on the score[/*]
[*]Fixed a crash triggered when adding certain notes to a drum kit[/*]
[*]Measure numbers only show up on first measure in line[/*]
[*]File chooser view now displays all available files on the device[/*]
[*]Fixed ordering of files in the file chooser view[/*]
[*]Exporting to PDF will now highlight the current voice/layer[/*]
[*]New option to export and print your piece in only black and white[/*]
[*]You are now returned to your previous viewing page after exporting[/*]
[*]First and second endings can each span multiple measures[/*]
[*]Text tool supports multiple lines[/*]
[*]Default bpm is set to 110[/*]
[*]Improved MusicXML import support (notably <backup> and <forward>)[/*]
[*]Slurs no longer collide with tenutos, staccatos, or accents[/*]
[*]Smarter autoscrolling[/*]
[*]Text tool automatically begins editing once it is placed[/*]
[*]Exported MIDI, MP3 and AAC files are more accurate[/*]
[*]Exported audio sounds better[/*]
[*]LilyPond support has been removed. You will no longer be able to export to LilyPond[/*]
[*]Slurs are now drawn so that they taper off at the ends[/*]
[*]The visible area of the score moves with the playback tracker when zoomed in, so that you can always see what is being played[/*]
[*]No longer prompted when processing files from the file chooser[/*]
[*]Internet connection required for all export and some import operations[/*]
[*]Exporting to e-mail now requires users to use their own mail accounts[/*]
[*]Removed option to turn off autosave[/*]
[*]File chooser loads faster, especially when there are a large number of files on the device[/*]
[*]A sample song is now loaded on very first launch[/*]
[*]You can now preview select documents in the file chooser[/*]
[*]Updated manual[/*]
[*]Fixed a rendering bug when exporting audio[/*]
[*]Fixed a piano and dynamics toolbar freezing issue[/*]
[*]Fixed how accents are drawn and how they interact with slurs[/*]
[*]Splash screen[/*]
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