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Version 3.2.1 observations

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Hi guys - delighted to see Symphony Pro back again! Congratulations :)

Anyway, here, in no particular order, are my current gripes and thoughts:

Tied notes. Accidentals are only needed once for tied notes, no matter how long they last for. In SP, the accidental is repeated every time a tied note crosses a barline. This is more important than it may sound - the unnecessary accidentals actually give the impression that the notes are somehow not tied. This is not an engraver's preference - it is a rule of notation.

Redo. We desperately need a Redo button.

Accidentals. Changing the spelling of a note is one of the major PITAs in SP. Please include an option in the note edit menu. You should also change the current scheme so that it assumes the user is attempting an enharmonic respelling; after all, this is far more likely than them wanting to change a G# to Gb.

Also, it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that similar notes might be respelled in the same way, especially in the same bar, which should be automatic. So long as the change only affected those notes that followed the original edit, then this could be overridden as necessary.

Preview in library. Please could we have a preview of the score in library view?

Cursor navigation. I'm really missing this. I can see why it wasn't compatible with the new layout, but perhaps you could include a button that toggles a floating cursor pad on/off?

There is a real problem with chords in which two notes share the same pitch name. Firstly, SP should be more intelligent about how it spells the notes - i.e. don't assume that we want a C and a C# together - a C and a Db would be a more sensible solution. Regardless, the bigger problem is that the notes are overlaid, instead of being offset, making it very fiddly to highlight the one you want to change.

8va etc. Please can we have the option to select a group of notes and apply an 8va or 8vb?

Measure copy/paste isn't as intuitive as it was. Could we have a proper menu for this? Select Start and End measure, which staves to include (via checkbox), and then the Paste measure.


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