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Open hi-hat missing in instrument list, open articulation not played back

edited August 2013 in General
I'm very happy with the 3.1 version and I'm pretty new to drum notation. I'm not sure if this is a "bug" as such, but when I create a line of hi-hat using the drum kit staff, I cannot get an open hi-hat to work on playback. There is no open hi-hat sound in the instrument list, but I was hoping that by adding the open articulation to the "x" note head on the g line, it would play the open sound. It doesn't. Also, the "half open" articulation (small circle with line through the top), when applied, puts in a close symbol, and the close symbol does not appear in the menu.

I think that this is fundamental stuff that anyone writing modern pop/rock/jazz music would need to use all the time.

Additionally, adding the articulation of the note with parenthesis around it (note head), which is the convention for ghost notes, would be great to have, as that's also a big part of drum charts, especially in modern and jazz styles.

Looking forward to the next release!


  • Hi Xer,

    Thanks for your informative feedback. We'll take it into consideration for our future updates.

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