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Export function bugs

edited November -1 in Symphony Pro
I have found some bugs in the Export function:

1. Low notes are exported an octave higher. e.g. the second A note below middle C (i.e. a tenth lower) is exported as the A note a third below middle C.

2. Dynamics are not exported (p, f, >, etc.)

3. Repeats are not exported.


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    Thanks for reporting this to us. 1 and 2 are bugs that will be fixed in version 1.4. 3 has been fixed in version 1.3.
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    The 1.3.3 version seems more buggy. Some notes in the treble clef are exported an octave higher as well! Please fix asap as the export function is now un-usable... :(
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    We're looking into it.
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