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Removal of the name of instrusment before the 1st bar

edited July 2013 in General
How can I remove it on scores??
Please help if anybody know it .


  • Hi Pong,

    We used to have this option, but since we got multiple requests for it, we'll add it back in for the 3.2 update.

  • Hi Phil,
    Thank you for considering my request.
    However, I am still not satisfied with the application.

    1)the notes position will be shifted once I add chords above notes.
    2)Complex Chords are not in fit size.
    3)Size of words or letters are not optional.
    4)Number of bars per line are not optional.
    **5)I can't find the "repeat" symbols.

    I don't think this app can fulfil the scores of modern musicians.

  • I solved (4) &(5) requests now.
    Thank you
  • Thanks for the follow-up. 

    The notes are intended to shift after adding chord symbols. Try adjusting the sizes of chord symbols to find a better layout for (1) and (2). You can adjust this, and text size, under "Display Settings" in the Score Menu.

  • Thanks Phil!
    However, I still can't make some complex chords in fit size, for example slash chords. They occupy too much space in a bar. It causes others chord symbols are covered.
    How to solve the problem?


  • A workaround in this case is to select the number of bars per line. This will force all bars to be a fixed size. You can set this option by going to Select mode (arrow icon) and tapping once on a measure with two fingers to open the appropriate menu.

  • Thank you Phil! Hopefully we can select all chord symbols instead of texting in the updated version, which make the app be more user-friendly for modern music composers!

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