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Reimport PDF created with symphony pro 2012 version

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First of all thank you for bringing back symphony pro, I read misleading on the net info regarding symphony pro being gone for good and given as an example of apps that can take your money and go away for good. You did good for all the users. This app is brilliant for people that know how to write music and want to hear their creation, giving them on top of that the ability to even go further and add other instruments so being able to go ahead and enhance their creation, which would be impossible without hiring an orchestra for a week. Secondly, a lot of people have great melodies in their head but by using your app, and experimenting they can fulfill their dream and share the music in their head with other.
Going back to my issue, in April 2012 I spent some time writing a score, exported it to my email in PDF format to myself. Now with symphony pro when I open it with symphony pro 3.0 still does not get it to make it through and the score is not brought into symphony pro.
Any thought?


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    Hi Francois,

    We appreciate your kind words and thank you for your support.

    As for your issue, are you trying to import a PDF or a SYM file back into SP? If you are trying to import a PDF then it will not work because SP 3.0 no longer supports the importing of scanned music sheets. If you are trying to import a SYM file and it's not working, please attach the file to your message or send it to our email and we'll try to open it and see what the problem is and get back to you as soon as possible. SP 3.0 should be able to open all files made in previous versions, so what you might be encountering is a bug.
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