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Symphony Pro 3.1

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This thread lists issues and feature requests we have addressed for an upcoming update, and specifies the version number and date when the update will be submitted for review. We thank everyone for providing lots of useful feedback.

If you are submitting a bug report, we highly recommend you to follow a few guidelines that help us identify and address issues. We may eventually start requiring them.


Version 3.1 Patch (Submitted for Review on July 9, 2013)

This patch primarily focuses on resolving some important issues we have overlooked during the beta.

Bugfixes and Improvements
-MIDI Keyboard note entry was transposed 2-3 half-steps down
-Display issue when beaming a dotted 8th and then a 16th note
-Time signature display issue when specifying a '0' as a digit
-Paste rectangle display issue
-Higher (native) resolution when exporting to PDF/Photos
-Lyric layout fixes in continuous scroll mode
-Export to AAC may crash if exporting multiple times
-Expressions/Tempo menu has correct background
-Undoing on a tablature staff applies the undo to both the standard and TAB measure

Feature Requests
-Adjustable print sizes for viewing and exporting to PDF: choose from standardized dimensions or specify a custom dimension

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