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Important Note: iOS 6 Compatibility Fixes

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Hi all,

We have gotten reports of crashing on iOS 6. This is on top of Symphony Pro on 3rd generation models running in iOS 5 being quite unstable, another issue addressed for Symphony Pro 3.0. There are already numerous stability issues we have fixed for iOS 6. Sorry for not taking care of them sooner, since the update involved a lot of other changes. 

Thanks for being so patient.



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    It's my pleasure to announce that 3.0 is in its beta stages. The release date will depend on how stable and reliable the update is, based on feedback. However, all known iOS 6 issues have been resolved.

    It's likely that if indications of stability issues for version 2.4 continue, based on reviews and support emails, we will remove Symphony Pro from sale until 3.0 is released in a timely fashion.

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    Is the beta still open? Can anyone who had purchased a copy of Symphony Pro participate in the testing?
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    If you're interested in joining the beta you should send an email to support@symphonypro.net.
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