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New user experiencing problems

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Hello everyone,


So im fairly new to this app and have figured out alot on my own but have a few questions.

First is about exporting:

When I export to a symphony file does how do I retrieve the file. Can I label it specific if I want to have multiple copies  from different save points? And If I export a symphony file and then do some work and then export it again does it erase the first export or create a 2nd newer one?


I know alot of other users have expressed their problems with the app randomly closing. Same issue here.


Can you delete or insert a single measure on a single track without affecting other tracks in a multi track song.



I ran into a issue when I was editing a track. I already had alot done and I went back to a previous measure that was blank and tried to add some new notes into the blank measure. When I played the keyboard, it just inserted what I played and shifted EVERYTHING down keeping the blank measaures. This affected all 8 tracks that I have. The app then crashed and when I reopened the app I could not Undo what happened.

Is there a way to insert like on a computer where you can type/ play somethig in and it just fills in and types over what you have infront of it OR insert something new in the middle and it pushes the stuff infront forward?


Stem direction with voices. I can record voice 1 fine. I can not record voice 2, I have to use the pencil tool and add them one at a time. Also the stem direction that is assigned does not stay the same.


I know some of these might have been answered on previous posts but I did not understand everything I read.

Thank you so much for any help or feedback




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    hi guide !

    i  am new with symphony pro 2... ! why  in the mesure empty i can not put chord name there ! i wish we can do that

    please show me how i can....! thanks

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