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Crash when title change

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I noticed that changing the title causes SPro to crash, and title change is not saved. I'm running on an ipad 3.


  • I can't confirm that on my system. Is this happening on all documents, or just on one or two? How are you changing the title?
  • It's happening on all documents. I'm changing the title using the Score menu. Is there another way to do it?
  • That's the way I do it, too. Are you using any special characters: slashes, colons, semicolons, etc?
  • Using dashes. As in:" I - IV"
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    Are you using those quote marks?

    I didn't have the problem with dashes, but does it crash if you remove all of the specials?
  • I'm not using quotations. I played around with it a little bit and it seems that it crashes only when I put spaces around the dash. For example the filename: I-IV is OK, but filename: I - IV causes crash. Weird.
  • OK I know now what causes the crash and it is very specific: numerals, slashes, and dashes. It is only when the title includes all three that the program crashes. Example: I - IV6/4 - V. This is a weird problem that will apparently only affect people doing theory homework.
  • I've been having the same problem when trying to rename my work, but I am not using special characters. Any suggestions?
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