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I don't know if mine is a unique scenario or not, but it's certainly a tricky one.

I play trumpet in church a lot. I have a number of my own arrangements for some of the more commonly used songs, as well as some arrangements I've collected from other places in PDF format, some I have transcribed to Sibelius for transposition.

What I want to do is -
- Create my arrangements in Sibelius
- Store them on the iPad
- Be able to transpose them on the iPad
- Be able to play the music, off the iPad

Avid Scorch can do all of this. What it does not do is organise or manage the music nicely, or enable setting up set lists.

There's a multitude of other readers out there which support set lists but on PDF files only.

I often don't know what key songs will be played in until just before the service (ie. during sound check). I can sight transpose off piano music, however it's not good enough to flip from say C to F on the fly. 

Now, I can do everything I need to already but it's a bit of mucking about, having to back out to the home screen, locate and open the next chart in Scorch. I'd really love to have everything as a PDF and be able to turn the page, and there's the next chart ready to go.

So - what I'm thinking is this
- Export my scores to musicXML (from Sibelius on PC)
- Open them in something, such as Symphony Pro, that reads musicXML and transpose
- Export them as a PDF (as far as I know, Symphony Pro is the only app that does this)
- Import it into a music manager, in the right key, ready for use in a set list.

That's a little bit of mucking around too but I'd rather do the mucking around during rehearsal/sound check than once everything has started.

I have a MusicXML file that I've exported from Sibelius and I was wondering, whether anybody might be able to import it to Symphony Pro and give me a screen grab of how it displays? If anybody is willing to do this, I can put it onto cloud storage for you to access.

Many thanks - and sorry for the long winded message, but I felt I needed to explain what I'm chasing as best as I could!



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    Email the file to wawoodman at aol dot com, and I'll look at it.

    Also, take a look at SeeScore. It will import the XML (it works perfectly from Finale, lyrics and all) and you can transpose it right there.

    Unfortunately, no export or setlists that I can find.
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